Montana Audubon

Montana Audubon

We designs and built a custom website solution for the Montana Audubon Society providing a variety of solutions:

Montana Audubon came to us with an outdated website, and the need to reach a broader audience of bird lover in the state of Montana. We designed 100% of the website User Interface, including every single page and every single element on the website. By taking the time to understand the needs of Montana Audubon and more importantly their members, we designed a beautiful website with the focus on the needs of each.

We updated the layout and extended the website to be full screen, giving it a much bigger feel. We also updated the color palette, fonts, and design elements used on the website to give it both a professional, yet more youthful feel to attract a younger body of membership.
One of Montana Audubon’s biggest needs was content. They had nearly 100 pages on their old website that needed to be consolidated, organized, and also needed the new website to allow them to add and organize their own content. Using WordPress, we customized it so the Audubon employees can use the website to add their own content – saving them a lot of time, and money by having to hire an outside company.

Montana Audubon had a plethora of large beautiful imagery that was being under utilized on their old website. So we focused on using their great photography and added large images to their site as part of the design & branding process.

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