SoCal Office Technologies

SoCal Office Technologies

We were able to save SoCal Office Technologies both time and money by building a custom content management system, and custom plugins so SoCal Office can update their own website, and also add thousands of products to their website at one time. Because of the custom solutions, and taking the time to train SoCal employees to use the new system we were able to save them thousands of dollars a month, and nearly $50,000 a year opposed to them having to hire a full-time web developer.

We also designed a 100% custom design for SoCal. Their previous website was outdated, and no longer represented their company, their brand; nor did it represent the face of a growing company offering cutting edge technology & products for the office printing industry.  Here is what we did:

+ Updated the Color Palette – By updating the color palette to have much more modern, vibrant colors we were able to grab the attention of a much broader audience and represent the youthful, vibrance of the SoCal employees.

+ Custom Layouts – We designed every single element on every single page of the website. What this allowed us to do was take a very objective & strategic approach to every page on the site, from Fonts, color, layouts, Calls to action, page content, imagery etc…

+ Customizeable & Easy To Use Features – SoCal had many needs that needed to be solved.

+ Forms – They needed custom forms that were easy to add as they offer many events, and promotions that require their customer to sign up. We created easy to build forms and taught SoCal employees how to add forms saving them time and money.

+ Products – Offering Xerox, 3D and HP printing products SoCal needs to upload thousands of product options to their website multiple times per year. We built them a custom solution that allows them to upload up to 25,000 products and options at one time simply by uploading an excel document. Again this saves SoCal thousands of dollars being able to do this themselves.

We also continue to offer digital marketing services to SoCal Office Technologies, including SEO, and Social media Marketing. Because they were one of the first companies in their industry to actively engage in Digital Marketing we have seen traffic increases up to 300%, and continue to see leads come in regularly. We are currently setting up a conversion strategy and are excited to see great results, and increased leads, and conversions.