The Bent Lens

The Bent Lens

The Bent Lens was a custom designed and custom programmed WordPress website for The Bent Lens owner and entrepreneur Susan Brownell.

Solving the Branding Issue.
The Bent Lens is a high-end eyewear frame boutique located in trendy downtown Bozeman, Montana; and featuring exclusive eyewear not found anywhere in the United States. Our first focus was to represent Susan and The Bent Lens through high-end, trendy design, and to represent The Bent Lens for who they are – The Original Exclusive Eyewear Boutique. Through great photography, eclectic color palettes, and the right messaging we were able to showcase The Bent Lens as they are and speak to their ideal customers.

Increasing Sales Through Focused Marketing.
We took the time to really get to know Susan, The Bent Lens, Who their ideal customer is, and where that ideal customer is online in order to develop a solid marketing strategy. In the first 90 days we were able to increase website traffic over 300%, which in turn led to more eyes on their products, more sales, and more in-store event attendance.

How we increased Traffic:
+ SEO – by optimizing the Bent Lens we were able to target a handful of keywords Susan’s ideal clients were searching for. Before we took over her marketing The Bent Lens wasn’t ranking higher then page 50 on Google Search Results. However, after we implemented SEO, The Bent Lens is now ranking on the first page of the search results for 10 different keywords, and the website continues to move up month after month.

+ Facebook Pixel & Advertising – We installed the new facebook pixel on The Bent Lens and are now able to track the demographics of users visiting her website. What this allows us to do is create specific audiences that make up only her ideal clients. We can then send facebook ads promoting the products and events her clients want to purchase and attend.

+ Promotion Campaigns – We also put Susan on a promotional marketing calendar and help her promote her in-store events, and run specific giveaways to gather leads. The first event promotion was able to gather over 200 additional leads from her local area. In the exclusive frame business – that’s a pretty big deal.

Saving Time & Money
Because we custom built The Bent Lens in WordPress so Susan, and daughter Amanda could take the reigns and manage their own website; they are able to save upwards of $40,000 a year opposed to hiring an in-house designer or developer.

The Bent Lens now has a new face that represents who they are, have the ability to manage their own online presence and have a solid marketing plan in place to drive new traffic, new buyers and increase sales.

The Bent Lens: