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Our Process

What We’ll Do For You


Give us a call for a consultation. If we’re a good fit, we’ll set up a series of discovery meetings so we can get to know you and your customers, and start to define a solid online strategy for your business.

Strategy Session

Let’s get started! When initial payment is received we schedule a strategy meeting to kick off the project and talk tactics. If this were a construction project, this is where we’d bring in the architects.


Our designers are then briefed on the project, and they get going on what they do best – designing a website you and your customers will love.

Content Creation

We’ll help you get to work on writing, editing and compiling all content that will be on the new website. Whether you use our experts or do it yourself is up to you.


Once the design is approved and the content is ready, our super-smart programmers take our designs and build them into a living breathing website.

Test and Launch

After we upload content and do a training session or two, we test the website to prepare it for launch. If all is good, we launch it and celebrate your new revenue generator!

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